Saturday, August 15, 2009

More From Richard Steele

“Oh what a golden age would return to us if men were but plain in their dealing and punctual in their performances? It is unworthy for a man, a Christian man, to be so vile that nobody can believe him or trust him. How will Atilius Regulus rise up in judgment and condemn this generation who – being prisoner at Carthage, and assured of his own death if he failed his negotiation – was set at liberty to effect a peace at Rome upon the single security of his own word to return if he failed to procure it. But such was his public spirit that he effectually dissuaded his countrymen from a peace, assuring them of certain conquest; and such was the integrity of his spirit that, after this, he fairly returned and accepted a cruel death rather than infringe his word. Ten thousand pities that such heroic acts should be lost for want of a right principle; and ten thousand shames that Christians should break their word for a coin while pagans will not do it for their lives.”  A Plea For Personal Integrity, pp. 38-39.

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